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Get over it.
by Helen Lowe

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Since inventing alcohol several centuries ago, humans have sought to avoid the agony that often follows the ecstasy. Ancient Egyptians ate boiled cabbage for prevention, sailors of old claimed that saltwater could save them and to this day we continue to seek a cure for the common hangover. There is however one sure-fire prevention. Abstinence. But odds are pretty good that anyone seeking hangover cures is not likely to "just say no." And, of course, this is one ailment that fails to merit much sympathy since WE DO IT TO OURSELVES! But the last thing you want to hear when you wake up with the Mojave Desert in your mouth and a vice tightening around our skull is "serves you right!" You want relief. So even though there is no cure for a hangover, is there at least a way to indulge in an alcoholic elixir without punishing your body? The answer: Yes, very carefully…

Fact: A reminder that a hangover can be the least of your alcohol-related worries. In 1997 (according to a MADD report), on any weekday between 10pm and 1am, 1 in 13 drivers were legally drunk. And on weekends between 1am and 6am, 1 in 7 people behind the wheel were too drunk to be there!

Given that statistics indicate that about 3 in every 5 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash at some point in their lives, your hangover concerns should be accompanied by the concern to get home safely! If you've been drinking, no matter how "in control" you may feel, don't drive. As inconvenient as this may be, it's also that simple.

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