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Things That Make You Go ‘OM’

By Melissa Meisel

Intro | Where? | Say What? | Breathing | Strike A Pose | Downward, Dog

Yoga, the 5,000-year-old art of connecting the mind, body, and soul through concentrated breathing and poses, has become a staple in fitness programs all over the globe. Not to be confused with Yoda or yogurt, yoga is the activity of choice for those who like to Zen while they sweat.

One needs not travel far to practice the art of yoga. Whether in the home, at a studio, or even at your desk at work, yoga is accessible and relatively easy to do. It's all about personal interpretation… it's not about where you go with the poses but how you flow.

What you'll need:

Loose, comfortable clothing
Bare feet
A non-slip rubber mat
A rubber block for support
An instructional video or studio class
Candle/incense (optional)
Relatively quiet space

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