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Get over it.
by Helen Lowe

Intro | The Cause | Relief | Avoidance | Warnings | Wacky Remedies

Wacky Remedies
For those of you who are up for a little experimentation, here are a few suggestions I found on-line:

  1. One woman claims that eating a package of soda crackers and a gallon on cold water before bed can prevent the dreaded hangover.
  2. Are you willing to drink a glass of cold milk, eat 5 teaspoons of ketchup and a few dashes of hot sauce after an evening of overindulgence? One man claims it works for him!
  3. Another hangover-aid may be the rather unusual combination of Papaya, wheat grass juice and 6 to 12 raw oysters. The author of this suggestion didn't offer details, but I can only imagine that it's quite a taste sensation.
  4. Or you could try the savory combination of beets, sauerkraut and fresh bread before hitting the hay. If nothing else, this may give you some rather strange dreams.
  5. Eat a bowl of icecream! Some folks swear by it.
With centuries of research and experimentation you'd think that by now someone would have found the definitive cure for the hangover. But perhaps we should see this rather irksome side effect of alcohol as a much-needed warning from the body that drinking too much is poisonous. And instead of cursing it, we may do well to use the hangover as a not-so-gentle reminder to enjoy merriment in moderation.

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