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Get over it.
by Helen Lowe

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Because prevention is not always 100% effective and patience may be hard to come by when in pain, many of us will try to medicate a hangover. Read onů

Resist Pain Relievers
New research indicates that Acetaminophen, Aspirin and Ibuprofen should never be taken with alcohol, unless directed by a physician. Apparently, Acetaminophen (an active ingredient in pain relievers such as Tylenol) is metabolized in the liver and can cause highly dangerous reactions in those who have consumed alcohol. There is currently not enough known about the possible adverse effects of other liver-metabolizing pain relievers such as Ibuprofen. But researchers do know that Ibuprofen products like Advil, as well as aspirin, are stomach irritants and combining them with alcohol is "a bad idea."

Beware of the Dog That Bit 'Ya
Some swear by "the hair of the dog" approach to relieving a hangover. But experts caution against this remedy for two reasons. First, while a little nip the next day may provide the sedative effects of alcohol and mask some of your hangover symptoms, it only pollutes your body further and prolongs the much needed recovery process. Second, drinking the day after a binge is a good way to cultivate a rather unhealthy behavior that may put you on the fast track to a drinking problem.

Swear Off the Sweet Stuff
Sugary drinks can dramatically increase hangover symptoms for some. And the sweet taste masks the alcohol content and may tempt you to drink more than you should.

Cut the Carbonation
Those tickley little bubbles in tonic and soda may look harmless, but carbonation speeds your body's absorption of alcohol and may defeat some of your preventative measures.

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