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Get over it.
by Helen Lowe

Intro | The Cause | Relief | Avoidance | Warnings | Wacky Remedies

Hopefully all of this information has increased your arsenal for combating the dreaded hangover. But the wise warrior can attempt to outwit the opponent and avoid battle altogether. Yes, there are a few strategies you can employ that may allow you to enjoy libations without the woes of "overdose."

How Can I Avoid a Hangover?
If you're looking to party without punishing your body, here are a few things to keep in mind:
  1. Eat before you drink. Fatty foods like dairy products can be a good preventative measure. Things like cheese and milk will not only line your stomach and inhibit alcohol irritation; they can also slow your body's absorption of alcohol and its toxins. That can mean less pain in the a.m.
  2. Pick your poison wisely. When choosing your beverage, remember those nasty congeners and what they can do to you tomorrow. Selecting a "cleaner" alcohol like vodka, gin or a quality white wine may reduce your regret. And heed the warning: you get what you pay for. Paying a little more for premium drinks tonight may save you in the morning!
  3. Pace yourself. Taking your time with each drink can help to keep your total intake down.
  4. Drink water. Not only will drinking plenty of water throughout the evening help to keep your body hydrated, but by increasing you water intake, you may effectively reduce the amount of alcohol you consume.

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