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Why Bother?
Control. This approach really works. You don't have to worry about bringing strangers into your home, keeping an eye on them to make sure they do the job the way YOU want it done, and, unlike the sprays Moe uses, boric acid truly is odorless. Remember, this product is safe to use, but it is a form of poison (like most bug killing products), so read all the instructions on the package before you begin. (Basically, you want to avoid getting this in your eyes or handling excessive amounts). It's a good idea to wear rubber dishwashing gloves. Should you get any powder on you, wash that area with soap and water and you'll be fine.

How do I use it?
Pretty simple -spread the powder around the perimeter of your apartment, particularly where floor meets wall. I used a putty knife and went around the whole place, spreading it and jamming it into the gaps and crevices behind all the baseboards, being especially liberal in the kitchen... behind cabinets, etc. Use alot, get it in deep as possible and then wipe away the excess with a dry cloth.

NOTE: Wiping excess away is especially important if you have children or small pets. Best of all...
One application lasts years. So when Moe comes by when your in the middle of living your life, you can just say through your locked door, thanks Moe, but no.

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