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Virtual Reality: Artist Eric Green
by Kay Daly
Intro | Bodies and Big Brother | Roxy To Reiki | Life Is Digital

Type “www.Roxi09.com” into your browser, and enter the creative world of Roxi Hadad, a twenty-something designer based in Chicago. Her Flash-driven, interactive site publicizes a line of ladies' bags, or "practical solutions for living in a fast-paced, digital world." Appealing to the busy woman-on-the-go, Roxi09.com presents a sleek, poppy vision of the future by way of fashion.

Or does it? The fact is, Roxi Hadad doesn't design bags, and the "Chicago-based business" the site promotes doesn't exist. And while there is a real-life Roxi Hadad, she isn't the same Roxi who appears on the site.

Instead, this faux company site is the offering of New York-based artist Eric Green. As a digital artist, Eric dwells in the realm of the "virtual," an online space where the 0's and 1's of computer programming create an on-screen alternate universe. But what sets his work apart is a tension between that virtual, computer-based world and the living, breathing world we inhabit. To enter Eric's artistic world is to enter a world where the virtual world sprouts legs, grows arms and become embodied.

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