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HeadBlade Inventor Todd Greene

By Joanna Varikos

Intro | HeadBlade | Below The Belt

At about 2.25 inches long, the tiny yellow HeadBlade can fit in the palm of your hand. The design for the razor didn’t come easy; Greene tested various prototypes before choosing a unique shape that could glide around the head with ease.

“I found if you put a blade under your finger, it’s convenient but you still have to worry about the angle of the pressure. So I created this suspension piece…the idea is [to] create a suspension [that] if you would rest the headblade on your head and you would drive it like a little car, so as long as that back piece was touching your head, the blade could automatically pivot. So it’s like driving a little car along your head,” he explains.

Since the website, www.headblade.com, went up in 1999, the shaver has smoothed the heads of many men including various celebrities and athletes. It’s also been featured in “Time Magazine” as one of the ten best designs of 2000. HeadBlade even made an appearance at the World Series one year when a guy held up a homemade banner for the entire nation to see. And it hasn’t just stopped at the blade. Greene has expanded the “Head” concept into apparel, posters, and bumper stickers that say phrases like, “Love the Head.” There’s also products including a shaving cream (HeadSlick) that doubles as a sports bottle, and a moisturizing lotion (HeadLube) that comes in both glossy and matte because, as he states, “some guys like a shiny, shiny head and some guys don’t.” Whether guys like a shiny, shiny head or not, moisturizing is key for a very important reason.

“Bald guys are always rubbing their head. It’s just like people play with their hair [or] finger-comb their hair, bald guys rub their head,” he says.

The one thing HeadBlade doesn’t have? It’s own blade. It may sound unusual, but the shaver only takes a Gillette or Schick blade. Greene believes people are more likely to trust well-known companies that manufacture blades rather than if he were to produce them. Plus, the cost is just too great. While thousands of users aren’t questioning why there isn’t a specially formulated blade for the gadget, they are sending Greene emails inquiring whether the HeadBlade can be used on other parts of the body (uh-hum, like the back and underarms). The answer is usually no, but the shaving cream is a different story.

“Our tag line is, ‘From the head on down, use it anywhere you shave,’” Greene says of HeadSlick.

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