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HeadBlade Inventor Todd Greene

By Joanna Varikos

Intro | HeadBlade | Below The Belt

With one trip to a hair salon, Todd Greene found the inspiration for his invention. As he was getting a trim, the hairdresser recommended a hair-loss prevention product. Not wanting to deal with using shampoos or other remedies to grow back his hair, Greene decided to take it all off ten years ago. However, shaving the back of the head didn’t come easy to Greene, nor to any of his friends who used a regular razor. The problem, he says, was that the conventional handle would take “your hand away from your head so you’d end up taking short little strokes and the blade only touches your head at one spot. When you do the back of your head it’s very, very difficult ‘cause you can’t see where you’re shaving.” Using a mirror only made things worse since the image is reversed, and at that point, shaving could be dangerous. Greene knew there had to be an easier, faster, and safer method of shaving. There was… in a little device he created called HeadBlade.

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