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One Funny Guy

By Joanna Varikos
Super Comedian | No Bull | The Substitute
The substitute
In the midst of his busy entertainment career, Greg decided to get a teaching degree. Since he was performing comedy at night and attending callbacks, he became a substitute rather than a full-time teacher. He’s been doing it consecutively for six years and no matter what grade he’s filling in for, there’s always at least one kid who recognizes the head of the class. “Some of the kids have seen me on TV… they say, ‘Were you on TV last night?’ I’m like, ‘No, what are you talking about? Maybe it’s my twin brother, he does a lot of TV stuff.’ Some of them believe that I have a twin brother.”

Currently, Greg teaches special education students because he says, “Most people don’t want to do it… it can be difficult. Some of them have learning disabilities… [but] I like special-ed kids.”

In the works
Greg is writing a film called “Now What” that he’s tight-lipped about but will mention that it’s very character-driven. When he’s not working on the script, he’s busy watching everyday life to inspire his comedic routine. Rather than taking a pen to paper, he finds humor through observation.

“Anybody can make people laugh. To me, it’s the creating of it that’s the best part. I base [my act] on what I see and hear…I don’t sit down and try and write. I don’t think I could do that.”

It must be working because Greg Vaccarello is one funny guy.

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