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Going With the Flow

By Dezhda Mountz

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New ways to celebrate
The next book wasn't long in coming. Fabius has always been fascinated by different deities, the meanings and suggested properties of herbs, colors, and flowers; her meditation teacher had guided her to investigating all the many forms of soul-searching, and she has a pick-and-choose approach guided by instinct. “If you worship Jesus or Buddha, it all leads to the same feeling,” she says.

That's how Ceremonies for Real Life (Wildcat Canyon Press) originated. Tired of the childlike and superficial games of modern celebrations like bridal showers and birthdays, Fabius crafted a book that provides instructions for ceremonies for varied occasions. For example, at a bridal shower, guests rub special oils, such as cinnamon (which promotes communication and laughter) on two white candles representing the bride and groom. Special wishes from guests are voiced after the invocation.

Ultimately, participants have a ceremony that acknowledges the sacredness of any rite of passage, without super-serious overtones. Fabius says her friends love her ceremonies and find them much more joyous and meaningful than the usual events.

What's next for Fabius? Two more books, including the charming Pierre Boinsoirno: Musings On Life With a French Husband , about Fabius' married life, are in the works. Oh, and by the way, did you know she makes jewelry?

Yes, it's hard to keep up with Fabius, but she has a calm, assuring presence. How did she do all this, the gallery, the henna business, everything? “I guess I'm really open,” she says, thinking. “I'm open to whatever life brings my way.”

Find out more about Henna kits and Fabius' books and jewelry at http://www.earthhenna.com/.

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