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Mayor Elvis
By Joanna Varikos
Jailhouse Rock | Vote Elvis | All Shook Up | Love Me Tender

Jailhouse rock
Forget Vegas. If you want to see an Elvis impersonator popular enough to have been voted mayor of his town, visit Indiana. Bruce Borders, former mayor of Jasonville, has been performing as Elvis since 1975. When a high school friend taught him the words to “Jailhouse Rock,” people couldn’t believe how much he sounded like the King of Rock and Roll. It was easy to persuade Bruce into singing an Elvis tune; all his peers had to do was offer him a few Twinkies and Ho-Ho’s. “I’m not a heavy person, but I’ve always enjoyed pastries. That’s a big weakness of mine,” Bruce says with a laugh.

When a student in the school choir backed out on the role as Elvis, the teacher needed to find a replacement. Bruce volunteered to play the part, except there was a minor problem. Too shy and embarrassed to sing in front of the choir teacher, he asked if she could look away while he sang in the corner. He got the part, and as he says, “the rest is history.”

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