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The Mermaid
By Johnny Ortez
Latin Diva | Prince(s) Charming

Latin Diva
Los Angeles is the city of angels and the place where many come to make their dreams come true. Whether attending casting calls or recording a demo, the city is filled with hopeful artists of all kinds. Amidst all that competition, imagine being discovered one Sunday afternoon on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA and soon thereafter signing a recording contract. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it happens. Just ask Marta.

The Spanish, sexy, soulful aspiring singer and songwriter Marta Santamaria knows. With a fusion of her Spanish roots and Brazilian influences, Marta redefines the way Spanish-speaking people hear traditional flamenco and bolero songs. Marta is a pioneer in the world of Latin music, stretching the boundaries of melodies and lyrics to include cross-cultural appeal with enchanting beats.

Since Marta was a child, her mom, Maribel Gomez, sang to her. Maribel planted a seed in Marta singing classical tunes from the twenties and folk songs with an intense captivating voice. As a teenager in Sevilla, Spain, Marta discovers the world of Jazz and Brazilian music. Coupled with her mother’s encouragement, Marta begins singing in local clubs. Additionally Marta studied ballet and classical Spanish dance at the conservatory.

Pursuing an artistic career she moved to Los Angeles in 1993, to study film while continuing to perform boleros, bossa-nova and Jazz in varied clubs. Traveling back and forth between cities, Marta could not escape her passion or deny her talent. “They only way you can be happy is doing what you like,” says Marta. “Follow your heart and you can find your path.”

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