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Virtual Reality: Artist Eric Green
by Kay Daly
Intro | Bodies and Big Brother | Roxy To Reiki | Life Is Digital

From Roxi to Reiki
After graduating from Brown, Eric moved on to the master's program at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. At ITP, he continued to study digital art, and it's there that he developed his most slyly humorous piece of digital art, the website Roxi09.com.

Loosely based on his friend and colleague, Roxana Hadad, the Roxi09 site is Eric's attempt to create what seems like a real, embodied personality out of online space. Playing on the idea of the cult of celebrity, Eric was interested in working in reverse: "Instead of working from a person and creating the person as the celebrity, I worked the other way around. Why can't you just create the celebrity and have the face to go with it?"

With Roxi09.com, Eric uses the Internet to explore just what constitutes an "embodied" person. He gives his Roxi a face, using a photo of a friend of his, and an occupation, a hip, twenty-something designer who creates and sells women's handbags. She has a personality; she's a "woman-on-the-go," living a fast-paced, exciting life in a brave, new, technology-driven world. He even gives her a location, a fake Chicago address shown on a Flash-animated map that pinpoints Roxi in geography we recognize. Nowhere on the site does Eric reveal that Roxi lives only in the virtual world.

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