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When Harry Weds Sammy
By Neil Hamilton

Intro | Changing Times | An Issue | 1992

“Do you, Harry, take Sammy as your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do,” says Harry

Not if some Bush supporters have anything to do with it.

The Bushes are now engaging in an intense attempt to portray John Kerry as a candidate with no core principles and one who will change his position for political gain at the drop of a hat. In essence, they are now claiming that Kerry is a political opportunist and the quintessential flip-flopper. Kerry and his supporters, however, may come back with a “Hey, it takes one to know one!” reply, since it seems Bush has flip-flopped on the whole gay marriage issue for political advantage. During the 2000 campaign, when Bush was selling his “compassionate conservative” image to distance himself from the perceived excesses of the Gingrich era, he claimed that the issue of gay marriage was one which should be left up to the states. In order to discard the angry and intolerant facade the Republican party had many times shown to many moderate voters in America during the 90s, Bush tried to put a “kinder and gentler” (to use a quote from his father) face on his candidacy to reassure those in the center. Hence, this explains his initially sensible and magnanimous position on the controversy regarding same-sex marriages.

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