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Sponsorship Opportunities

Not so different from the early days of television when Proctor and Gamble sponsored daily soap operas and Dinah Shore saw "the USA in her Chevrolet," Tana's Habitat offers marketers the opportunity to become synonomous with a specific area of our website. As web users grow consistently more aggravated by banners and pop-ups, Sponsorship offers the perfect opening for advertisers to give First Nesters something they can use. Information. Incorporate the growing online dictum, "Make yourself useful," to harness the growing spending power of Generations X & Y.

  • Sponsorships and Advertorials hold visitors' attention (and keep them coming back) by giving them information they can use in an organic setting. Show them how to use your products! Content provided by you is constantly updated and offers usable instructions and advice on a wide variety of topics with built in product placement.
  • Own and design your content to encourage users to interact with your brand and purchase your products with click-throughs.
  • Use printable shopping lists and discount coupons to drive brick and mortar sales.
  • Sponsorship allows for unlimited creative ways to communicate your unique message. Sponsor discussion boards, blogs, surveys, contests, direct email promotions, newsletters, Instant Messaging.
  • Let your close affiliation with Tana serve as an endorsement to her trusted following.
  • Sponsorships are limited and exclusive.
Contact us to discuss how a creative and individualized Sponsorship campaign can meet your needs.

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