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TanasHabitat.com gives Generations X & Y all the tools they need to "do it themselves" as they begin their young adult lives in style, all on a budget that won't break the bank.

It's no secret that Do-It-Yourself is huge! Lifestyle shows focused on the domestic arts have morphed into entire networks, drawing millions of viewers, fueling the $650 billion industry that is home improvement, crafts, decorating and gardening. And although Baby Boomers and beyond are loaded with DIY choices, young adults just out on their own (First Nesters) continue to sift through lackluster repetition for hip, creative advice they can relate to. Tana's Habitat to the rescue!

First Nesters want more than the monotonous domestic arts everyone else is offering up. They want (and need) other useful life skills like nutrition, health and beauty, fashion, money management, etiquette for the technology age and information on political and social issues that directly affect their young lives. Tana's Habitat, a one stop shop for the 18 - 34 year old setting out on their own and developing brand loyalties, offers all this and more.

Through various media outlets such as The Daily Press, The Statesman Journal, Teen Magazine, Seventeen.com, Teen Beat Magazine, HGTV and Tana's Habitat, new lifestyle guru Tana March's creative ideas and advice touch over 5 million young adults and teenagers every month. A premier lifestyle destination for First Nesters, fresh, original content is updated daily to motivate nearly a half million girls to check in every month.

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scott acord
8023 beverly blvd.
suite 5-295
los angeles, ca 90048