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Audience Profile

First Nesters
Currently comprised of Generations X & Y, First Nesters are young adults preparing to move out on their own or those who've recently done so.

Generation X
  • Born between 1965 and 1979
  • 37 million in the U.S., 17% of total U.S. population
  • Spends $125 billion a year and earns upward of $1.1 trillion.
  • Currently having a major impact on the furniture, housewares and home improvement industry.
  • Characterized by a propensity for technology, skepticism to advertising claims and an attraction to personal style rather than designer price tags.
  • 75% have online access and over 50% shop online.
Generation Y
  • Also known as Millennium Generation, Echo Boomers
  • Born between 1980 and 1995
  • The largest consumer group in the history of the U.S. about 70 million.
  • A diverse group with 1 in 3 describing themselves as non-Caucasian.
  • Spends $175 billion a year of their own money and influence another $240 billion in family spending.
  • Described as practical and pragmatic
  • The largest trendsetters since their Baby Boomer parents, they are drawn to brands perceived as hip and popular without heavy commercialism.
  • 76% have online access, 93% have been online in the last month and nearly 50% shop online even though many in this group are not yet even teens.
  • 78% of all college age kids and 33% of all high school kids have at least one credit card.
Research that Yahoo! and Carat commissioned earlier this year showed that not only is this generation spending more time with the Internet than TV, but that they also use the Internet as the hub of their media activity. Says Ann Eason, vice president, Category Management at Yahoo! "When a product launches, GenY is best equipped to generate significant buzz and accelerate any program with 'word of mouse.' The kids in this group are online consistently, have huge networks of friends and talk frequently." Furthermore says Eason, "Smart marketers are thinking abut being the brand that GenY thinks of five years from now when they're adults."

Those marketers that have taken note of this very important generation and are making efforts to reach them are doing so in interesting ways. Among the key approaches has been to not interrupt their lives with messaging and intrude on their experiences, but to become a part of their experiences; to slip messaging in and become a part of their communicative activities and integrated life. Advertorial sponsorships are just this!

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