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Valentine's Style
By Joanna Varikos

Bon Appetite | Le Cinema | Outdoor L' Amour

As if figuring out what to wear everyday isn't a daunting task, putting an outfit together for Valentine's Day makes life even more difficult. Cupid has it cheap and easy; the most he has to worry about wearing is a bow and arrow. Whether it's a serious relationship, the first date, or in-between, Step 1 in deciding how to get dressed for your Valentine's date is to know what has been arranged for the evening. Once the plans are set, its time to search your closet for clothes that spell l-o-v-e. Who says you have to know French to speak the language of love this Valentine's Day?

Bon appetite
If your evening will be filled with food, flowers, and wine glasses, slip into something that will make you, and him, feel all warm inside.

  • Pair a red off-the-shoulder top or sheer tunic with a slim-fitting skirt.
  • For a style that is sweet yet sexy, trade the skirt for leather, or pleather, pants and wear with a lace shirt.
  • If you opt to wear all black, add a hint of rouge by tying a red sash around your waist, or put touch-ups in a pink bag.
Bright Idea: Red has usually been the color of choice on Valentine's Day, and retail stores are sure to stock up on it around the first week of February. If pink has already made its mark on your wardrobe, consider the lighter hue as an option. Incorporating either of these colors to an outfit, even accessories, will give it that extra Valentine's spark.

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