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Shine On!
By Carra Gamberdella
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It’s no coincidence that our ancestors flooded their darkest winter days with lots of light. Christmas is celebrated around a brightly decorated tree, with twinkling lights, glowing candles, and, for those lucky few, a roaring fireplace. Chanukah, or “The Festival of Lights,” lasts eight days and nights and centers around a menorah, which holds eight candles. On December 13th, the Swedes celebrate St. Lucia Day, which is their longest night of the year. Each reveler wears a wreath that holds a single candle in honor of St. Lucia (whose name, by the way, means “light”). The burden falls on this tireless gal to slowly return light to the people.

But let’s face it: There’s never enough light. Despite the trees and the candles and, yes, even Lucia herself, it’s not an easy task to brighten up winter’s darkest days. So instead of focusing on the gloom, turn your attention to something you can control—your gear!

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