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Tied to Ties
By Eva Franco

One of my greatest passions in life is shopping in thrift stores and flea markets. There's nothing like that feeling of joy that emerges from within upon finding an abandoned, useless item and having the creativity to bring it back to life in a super cool, hip way. This incredible high has provoked an inadvertent yet impressive collection of vintage ties.

Men’s ties have been around for almost 100 years. They range in size and pattern, but one
thing is a given. They contain some amazing textile patterns and fabrics.

On a mission to make use of my growing collection, I share with you the fruits of my labor.

What You’ll Need

    Tank top or T-shirt with a low neckline
    Super cool tie that matches the tank
    Straight pins
    Sewing machine

Tie One On

  1. Place tie on tank in desired position, and pin to tank. If the tie's a long one, let it hang below the bottom hem of tank.
  2. Wrap and pin the tie the way around the neck to the front.
  3. Now you've got to get creative: Pull the end of the tie under the fat part and fold back over again. Or cross the end over the fat part, letting it fall diagonally across to the other side. Whatever you prefer.
  4. Stitch the tie from the bottom up, around the back, to the front. One side first, then the other, careful to smooth out the bubbles along the way.

Now get sewing! And, please, ask your dad before you dive into his collection!

Bright Ideas: If you're using a t-shirt, make sure it has a large neck opening because once tie is sewn on, it won't stretch to fit over your head.
Stitch a tie on a button down shirt or jeans instead.

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