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Leggo My Agate
by Tana March

Directions | Diagram

Inspired by the bins of sliced agates found in every airport, tourist trap and roadside dime store, these funky cool chokers are true National treasures.

Sliced Agates are everywhere. Until you want one, that is. If you're having trouble finding these beauty gemstones, try the airport, a country gas station or any trading post on the nearest rez.

A Dremel works great for this project because of its extreme speed. However, you can use a drill if you don't have a Dremel. It will take a long time, so be patient. And, number one word of advice, don't push too hard. Let the bit work for you or you'll split your stone right in two.

What you'll need
    Slice of agate
    Dremel or drill
    Diamond dremel bit
    Liquid dish soap
    Leather cord
    Hook and eye clasp
    Needle nosed pliers
  1. Mix a small amount of liquid dish soap with equal part water. Put some of the wet mixture onto the agate where you intend to drill. You'll want to keep the area wet at all times to ease the bit into the rock.
  2. Hold the agate down on a flat surface with one hand (or a piece of tape) while you drill with the other, adding water as it disappears.
  3. Drill all the way through.
  4. Cut a piece of cord and string it through the hole in the agate. Tie a knot directly above the agate to hold the pendant in place.
  5. Cut the cord to the desired length and attack the hook by slipping the cord through the hole and clamping it down with needle nosed pliers. Do the same with the eye.
  6. Model your new accessory!
Can't find the right clasp? Knot it! Double the length of the cord and tie the ends of each string to the body of the other like this. Tie them tight. Slide the knots up and down the cord and the length is even adjustable!

Hang your agates in the window when you're not wearing them and let the sun shine through. Ooh, pretty.

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