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Brace Yourself
by Tana March

Charmed | Cast Away

With just a few dollars and puppy dog collars, you can make these funky cool sparkle cast bracelets for all your friends to frolic in the a soupcon of spring. No doubt, they'll be charmed.

What you'll need
    Pour Cast Resin and Hardener
    Ice cube trays or candy molds
    Rubber Gloves
    Mixing Cup
    Stir Stick
    Something to embed
    Try sequins, marbles, beads, flowers, jacks, bugs, pictures, etc.
    Small piece of sandpaper
    Small Eye Hooks
    Needle Nosed Pliers
    Split Rings (aka O rings, Jump Rings)
    Puppy Collar from the 99 Store
    Optional: Glitter, dye, eyedropper

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