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Dungaree Dilettante
by Lora Hart

Sparkle | Patch | Fringe | Paint & Stiches | Care & Cleaning

Ya really gotta hand it to old Levi Strauss and those Miner Forty-niners'. We've been wearing his denim jeans for a hundred and fifty years and where would we be without 'em? Cowboys, collegians and Calvin Klein would all be unprotected, uncomfortable and unfashionable.

The five pocket standard we know and love has been re-created ad infinitum and this year's models have been dolled up with all kinds of baubles, bangles and beads. Gucci, Valentino and Anna Sui have all gotten in on the act. But couture hippie chic doesn't come cheap. And yet, it seems like it'd be so easy to make.

Don't make a decision between new pants or a big old down payment on your new car. For less dough than dinner at your favorite restaurant, you can design those duds yourself.

Denim, Denim Sparkling Bright, In The Daylight or at Night

Jewel wore her Gucci beauties on tour, and with a quick trip to the fabric or craft store you can buy the materials to create similar, but unique jeans of your own.

  1. Use your favorite jeans or go the thrift store and buy a pair for cheap.
  2. You'll need rhinestones. Lots and lots of rhinestones. Your arts and crafts store will have a great selection. I like the sparkles from Westrim Crafts. They come in a ton of colors and have flat backs making them easier to glue on.
  3. Don't forget glue. You must use a good one that won't dissolve in the wash. I like Aleenes Jewel It the best for this project. Also available at the craft store.
  4. Pinstripe a row of studs down the side seams by dotting the rhinestones with glue and placing them along the seam or around the pockets--wherever you like them.
  5. Sprinkle in some sequined paisley appliqués and silver studs, whatever it takes to bejewel to your liking!
  6. Let dry for 24 hours before wearing.
  7. Cure for 7 - 10 days without washing.

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