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Arch-itecture or Pluck a Chicken, Tweeze an Eyebrow
by Lora Hart

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I'll never forget coming home from elementary school every third Wednesday of the month to find the most god-awful smell emanating from the kitchen. Sure enough, there on the gas stove top sat a tin orange juice can holding a stinky, melting biscuit of depilatory wax. It was Mom's day to shape her naturally perfect brows.

Men and women have been manipulating the contour of their brows since the dawn of time. In eighth and ninth century Japan, married women would shave their brows and repaint them high on the forehead in the form of a caterpillar. In competition, (just kidding) Chinese women trained theirs to resemble the antennas of moths. Ah, Wilderness! When Queen Elizabeth lost all of her hair at the end of the fifteenth century, the people followed, shaving all their facial hair. Today we even adorn our eyebrows with jeweled rings and hoops.
Whether you want to emulate Brooke Shields or Cyndi Lauper, your eyebrows make a statement.

  • Start with full eyebrows. If you're re-shaping currently tweezed brows, let the hair grow in. Remember, it grows in cycles so it may take a few weeks.
  • Look for examples of the perfect brow in magazines or books of portrait photography. Copy for a handy reference.
  • Do some homework. Do you trust your hand/ eye coordination or should you consider seeing a professional?
Depilatory Data
You can find wax or honey at your local beauty supply store. You'll need a microwave, but they're both easy to use if you follow the directions.

Brow Shapers come in pre-waxed, press on/ peel off strips. Pretty spiffy!

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