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The Buzz

by Stephanie Mantello

Intro | Fashionistas | Techies | Pop Culture

Need the 411 on the latest lingo? Like, it’s not valley girl anymore, duh. And using TMAs (too many acronyms) is so 90s. Fast forward to 2K4 and you’ve got hipsters and bridezillas surrounding you speaking about blogs and PoMo. No, you aren’t on some strange planet. You are right here on earth and these are humans around you. What they talkin’ about, Willis?

It’s not really slang, but buzzwords sprout up in social circles as shortcuts to understanding specific ideas. For example, every cool girl in the 80s knew something was really bad if she heard someone scream “gag me with a spoon.” Today’s buzzwords cover fashion, technology, health, and social gatherings in much the same way, albeit with very different words.

See beyond for the latest buzzwords and check the expiration date on your lingo so your buzz isn’t dated!

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