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The Perfect Match
By Rebecca Giantonio

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Pass the cheese please
When it comes to cheese, there's a whole other set of rules. There are two ways to pair wine with cheese: choose a wine equal in strength to complement the cheese, or contrast tastes with a sweet wine and saltier cheese. Chef and sommelier Maureen Petrosky breaks down the three types of cheeses and wines that both contrast and complement them:

These block cheeses are generally harder and include Romano and parmesan cheese. Big reds will counterbalance these cheeses, while a Sauvignon Blanc's acidity will match them.

Any of the blue cheeses. These are strong cheeses, so opt for a red to complement them or a Riesling, which is sweeter, for a noticeable difference.

Brie, goat cheese, or Camembert. Like sharp cheeses, a lighter white will be similar in taste, while a red will provide a strong contrast.

Maureen points out that cheese itself is strong and creates a coating on the tongue, so reds and whites work with most cheeses. It's all a matter of what makes your taste buds take notice.

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