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Guiltless Chocolate Cravings
By Melissa King

Intro | Magnesium | Quality

High quality chocolate
Sadly, chocolate is rarely found in healthful forms. You want to look for chocolate that does not contain hydrogenated oils. Also, check to see if it has refined white sugar. There are chocolates out there made with healthier ingredients. Look for Dagoba or Newman's Own . Also, over the next few weeks, begin adding magnesium-rich foods to your diet. You can find magnesium in dried seaweeds (i.e. wakame, kombu, hijiki), beans (i.e. black, aduki, lima ), whole grains (i.e. buckwheat, millet, brown rice), and nuts and seeds (i.e. almonds, cashews, sesame seeds). If magnesium is what your body was crying for, you may see your chocolate cravings decrease.

Quick Fact: Dairy, eggs, meat, and fruit actually contain the least amount of magnesium in common foods.

Okay, now you can run to the store and treat yourself to the best quality chocolate bar available. Savor it guiltlessly!

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