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Guiltless Chocolate Cravings
By Melissa King

Intro | Magnesium | Quality

Calcium is, as we all know, critical to our diet. Calcium is also, however, dependent on magnesium to be absorbed into our bones. I bet you didn't know that chocolate has the highest levels of magnesium than any other food besides seaweeds.

Cravings are one of our body's most innate ways of telling us what it wants, what it needs. Think about it. Do you believe that cravings are only meant to lure us down the hall of sin? Of course not! Just like hunger, cravings are our body's way of asking for something it requires. Wait! Don't run out to the corner store to buy that chocolate bar just yet! Unfortunately, because we have fed our body so many refined and denatured foods for many, many years, our cravings tend to misfire.

Why do we have cravings?
Cravings these days can mean a few different things. It could be a need for connection, love, or relationships. Maybe the last time you had the dessert you are craving, you were on a terrific vacation with your family. Cravings can also be a result of hypoglycemia. If you are a sugarholic and your body has just crashed from its high, you may be in search of something to boost your energy. And finally, cravings can be exactly what we are talking about here, our body's calling for an essential nutrient.

So, first things first! Get to the bottom of why you are craving what you are craving. Is it emotional? Is it a sugar low? Or, is it a true craving for a specific nutrient punch from your food of desire? Second, what exactly is that food of desire? If it is a refined food, it might be a good idea to find out what its whole source is. For instance, if you crave ketchup, maybe it's time to start adding tomatoes regularly to your diet. If it's french fries, maybe you need more salt, healthy oils, or potatoes. And finally, if it's chocolate, the reason you are reading this article, go for the highest quality possible.

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