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What's In Your Fortune?
by Leigh Serling

Philosophy | Recipe | Variations

Everybody loves great Chinese food. Face it, from Lo- Mein to Kung Pao Chicken, a delicious Chinese feast will leave most of us completely satisfied. For about an hour! But when you think about it, I mean really think, what is the best part of the meal?

You got it. The Fortune Cookie.

He who gives, has big hands. In bed.
Every one of us has been known to go for one, break it open with sincere hopes of good omen, only to leave the cookie to get soggy in a puddle of soy sauce. We go around the table reading our fortunes out loud, genuinely excited by Confucius' clear plot or disappointed by his vagueness. Myself? When I get a great fortune, one that tells me that I will get my dream job, or meet my soul mate, I keep it. Hey, it could happen. You never know.

Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?
Fortune cookies have become an American past time, as welcome as hot apple pie or a bowl of steaming Campbell's soup. Ironically, in China, they have never even heard of the fortune cookie. In fact, desert is an uncommon accompaniment to dinner!

Play Confucius and make up your own fortunes to share with your friends and family.

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