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Dulce de Mexicano
By Johnny Ortez
Mexican Candy | Make It | Dia De Los Muertes

Halloween is a time of tricking and treating. I’ll leave the tricking for another day, but have you given any thought to the treats you plan to pass out to the neighborhood ghouls and goblins on Halloween night? Whether you plan to hand out candy from your doorstep or just want to take a sweet treat to the office for your co-workers, consider dulce de mexicano. Mexican candy.

Buying Mexican Candy
The Internet makes it easy to get an assortment of treats and sweets. Check out MexGrocer.com. There, candy lovers can indulge themselves with affordable gift packs.

If the Internet won’t offer you the immediate fix you need for your sweet tooth, or the sweet teeth of those Halloween party-goers, then check your area for your local ethnically diverse grocery stores. More and more chain grocers have cultural sections showcasing a range of foods from different countries. The Farmers’ Market is an ideal place to find Mexican candy, but the Mom and Pop Grocery Shop might offer you even greater success of finding authentic dulce de mexicano.

Made from Tamarind fruit with chili powder and sugar.

Also made from Tamarind fruit, but it only the pulp.

Flavor salts and fruit sugars.

Vero Elotes
Lollop shaped like a corn, covered in chili powder and salt. It does not taste like corn at all.

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