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Bottoms Up
By Tana March
Intro | What is beer | Styles | Nice Glass | Recipes | A Bag Of Chips
I've never been a beer gal. As much as I've longed to hold that sweaty brown bottle at a barbeque, peel back the label and make memories of "kind of special" nights with good friends, I just couldn't swig down anything but a glass

But then came England where a pint at 10:00 am is as common as mayonnaise. So I strapped on some courage, jumped into the culture and began a myriad of taste tests on my quest for a brew I could stomach. To my amazement, I found that all beers are not created equal! Just like wines, their taste has intricacies, subtleties and plain old flavors that are different from each other.

Excited by my new discovery and infused with a sense of purpose, I returned home only to find myself standing in front of the beer case, overwhelmed and glazed over by my infinite choices. Mainstream to Microbrews, Craft Beers, Seasonals, Eisbocks and Tripels! Wherever would I start? However would I learn?

Like most things, trial and error. Lucky for me (and now for you) the growing underground culture of beer brewers and lovers in America and around the world has come up for air to let us in on a few key secrets.


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