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Creative Culinary Equipment
Dorm Room Style
By Nicole Miller
The Fridge | What? No Coffee? | Paper Clips
Where’s the kitchen? You may ask yourself upon entering the small two-person room you will be living in for the next year. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but search all you want; the place is, most likely, devoid of oven, or stovetop. What to do with all the “easy-prep” meals mom sent in a care pack? There are a few essentials for dorm room cooking that no one should be without.

The Fridge
Most dorms offer a rental refrigerator of four cubic feet or less. This service costs anywhere from thirty to seventy dollars a semester, check with your school’s housing department. This is an expenditure you will not regret. Not only can you chill drinks and edible goodies, but it’s the perfect bedside table. Hang a cute scarf over it, top it with a lamp and alarm clock. You don’t even have to leave your bed to grab refreshments. It’s a must have for dorm life.

What About Dried Goods?
For the first three weeks of my college life, I neatly tucked all dried goods into a bottom dresser drawer beside my clothes. I did so to maintain an iota of order and keep any and everyone from reaching into my stash. Bad idea—all my baby-T’s smelled of Worchester sauce and salt. So, unless you think Doritos is the up and coming scent of choice, I suggest a small cupboard. I used an enclosed bathroom shelf, painted to match my bedspread—very cute. Other ideas include plastic storage boxes and crates that can be shoved under your bed. My roommate used the back of a file cabinet for her goodies. Use what you like, but remember it’s a good idea to allot a storage area for these commodities, because in college they’re not so common.

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