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Fit Facts For Freshmen
and other college students
By Nicole Miller
To Skip Or Not | Quick And Easy | The Cafeteria Conundrum
So you’re going to college? Or perhaps returning for yet another year of cafeteria style dining? Somewhere betwixt in anxiety and excitement, there is a distinct whispering, “Please, don’t let the ‘freshman fifteen’ or ‘sophomore ten’ be anything more than hearsay.” Whether it holds a modicum of truth is irrelevant. Let us not wait to find out when there is a bit of preventive maintenance that can be done to avoid the problem entirely. We’ve put together some pretty basic steps to help you find the right mix of moderation and enjoyment without having to worry about every single morsel you pop into your mouth.

To Skip or not to Skip
This is a critical question pertaining to college life since most college eateries offer only one or two meals a day, depending on what plan you have. Furthermore, when in the midst of studying, classes, social life, and squeezing in a few zzz’s it’s near impossible to schedule in every meal time.

A few of my college girlfriends were under the impression that starving themselves all day then gorging at one evening meal was a golden plan—ees not so good. This crash diet ruins the metabolic rate as well as your much needed concentration abilities. Bottom line here: don’t skip meals. It may seem like you’re eating less, but it always gets ya in the (hind) end.

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