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This Ain't No Ginsu
by Tana March

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Have you ever owned a set of kitchen knives? You know the kind I mean. 25 knives in their own wooden block? You probably bought them for $19.99 when you moved away from home, agonizing over every penny, wondering if you could ever even learn to cook.

Well, ten years have gone by and, by George, you've learned to cook. You've diligently and evenly used each and every knife in your set although you have no idea what they're all really for, and you're beginning to notice that cutting tomatoes is easier with scissors.

Guess what?

It's time for some new knives! Forget the Blue Light Specials, the real thing is in your future. The price may seem intimidating, but your first translucent, paper-thin slice of cucumber will slice and dice those fears to bits.

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