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Look Rich, Live Cheap
By Melissa Meisel

Intro | Free Will | Classic Choices | Piggy Bank It

Classic choices
Never dress discount head to toe. When shopping, pick a classic accessory, like sunglasses, wallet, shoes, or handbag, and invest. You want something to wear all year round and that is simply fabulous. This way you get your money’s worth.

or example, if you buy a pair of Gucci sunglasses ($240) and wear them every day for a year, you paid less than $1/day for them. If shoes or handbags are your flavor, the right pair can last for many seasons if maintained properly.

With s taples from black turtlenecks to white tank tops, socks to pajamas… will they know if it’s a Mossimo (from Target) or a Miu Miu? If the tag bugs you, then just cut it out (neatly, of course). The dollars saved on those purchases can go to more standout pieces as described above or into the bank!

Present proper
The foods bought on sale at the market are also nameless when out of the packaging. A little bit of extra attention can make a classy impression.

Whether an abstract modern look or a gourmet country kitchen feel, the right serving style can turn tuna into caviar. Buy generic brands. Add garnish, a splash of spices, and use an ice cream scoop to turn cheap to chic with food. Mimic what you see in restaurants or magazines. Clean, non-chipped plates and place settings are essential. A vase of flowers is an elegant extra.

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