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Look Rich, Live Cheap
By Melissa Meisel

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Free will
The best things in life are free… or next to it. Take advantage of complimentary offers and deals as they come your way.

Need a haircut? Try your neighborhood beauty school or trendy stylist. Bumble and Bumble is a national salon that often casts hair models for cut and color. Or go to www.craigslist.org in your city for hair model postings.

In most department stores, beauty counters offer free samples of products. Ask for them! Free samples of foods and health products can also be gathered if you peruse the company websites or check tables at your market.

Sale away
A smart shopper sales. Whether by coupon or discount, those in the know rarely pay full retail price.

Coupons in the newspaper offer deals for supermarkets and drugstores, either dollars off or “buy one, get one free.” Stock up now for later on with your favorite products.

Seasonal sale specials in clothing and shoes are ways to get the best for less. If it’s off-season, you can always wait to wear it next year. Discount stores like Marshall’s or Century 21 also carry name brands for lower prices if you have to have it now. Try thrift shops too. One man's trash is another's treasure!

And don’t forget “bargain night” at your local cinema. Most have Tuesday half-price specials.

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