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Do you do windows?
by Tana March

Supplies | Preparation | Putting It Together

The day I moved into my new apartment building, I went on a little treasure hunt. Searching through hallway closets and laundry room cupboards, I lucked into a stack of french windows that had been removed from someone's apartment years ago. "These are too cool to sit in the laundry room," I thought to myself. "They'd look much better under my bed!"

And there they sat for what seemed like an eternity, calling my name, begging me to shape them into something wonderful and something useful.

And so I did. The coolest, best conversation piece of all time--my coffee table.

What you'll need:
A window
4 legs
4 pieces of 1" X 2" pine for apron.
Wood screws: 2" and 1" (nails will do in a pinch)
Drill and bits (or hammer if you're pinching)
8 corner brackets (L brackets)
Tape Measure
Liquid Nails or wood glue
Standard Issue
  • Kitchen tables and desks are usually around 29" high.
  • Coffee tables are usually around 16".

Leg Room
Furniture legs, like human legs, come in all different shapes and sizes. Home Depot and most lumber yards or big hardware stores sell pre-turned (said pre-made) legs. They come in lots of styles and sizes so you can customize the height of your table to suit your cousin in the WNBA or the sawed off couch you found in the alley. If you can't find pre-made legs at your local store, you can choose legs you've found (they don't have to match), legs from an old table you have lying around the garage, or you can make your own from 2" X 2" pine.

Bright Idea: 2 X 2 is really only 1 " X 1 ". Don't ask why, but it will be important to remember when calculating the length of your apron.

The window will add height to your table so be sure to include its thickness when calculating the height of your leg.

table height = window thickness + leg height

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